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Swedish Politician Calls to Limit Birth Rate of Muslims

Annika Rydh, the municipal party secretary for the Sweden Democrats in southern Sweden, provided a link on her blog to a video that claimed Muslims are trying to conquer the world one child at a time, according to a Swedish news site. “It’s a global problem,” Rydh wrote on her blog, according to anti-fascism magazine … Continue reading

Anti-Immigrant / Anti-Semitism / Bloc identitaire / France / Islamophobia

French nationalist party exalts “the whites of Europe”

Bloc identitaire, a far right French movement, celebrated on November 3 its ten year anniversary and set the direction for the 2014 municipal elections in welcoming Italian Euro-deputy Mario Borghezio, who exalted “the whites of Europe” and “our race.” “Long live the whites of Europe, long live our identity, our ethnicity, our race, ” Borghezio, … Continue reading

Anti-Immigrant / France / Islamophobia

French Muslim group calls for ban of nationalist group

A French Muslim group called last week for the French government to ban a nationalist group that had attacked a mosque in the western city of Poitiers. According to Reuters, some 73 protesters from a movement called Identity Group seized the mosque last Saturday and “unfurled a banner referring to Charles Martel’s historic defeat of … Continue reading

Anti-Semitism / Greece / New Dawn

Anti-Semitic forgery read aloud in Greek parliament

Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris read aloud last week an excerpt from the anti-Semitic forgery, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” to the Greek parliament. Though the protocols existed long before the Nazis, they were infamously distributed in the lead-up to the Holocaust as “justification” for the Jewish genocide in Europe. Continue reading

Anti-Semitism / Circumcision / France / Front National / Germany / Jews / Laïcité / Marine Le Pen / Muslims

Elie Wiesel “worried” about anti-Semitism in France

Elie Wiesel says he’s “worried about anti-Semitism in France” Eyes Over Europe co-founder Rachael Levy interviewed Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel about anti-Semitism in France, far-right French politican Marine Le Pen’s proposal to ban the Jewish kippa and Muslim veil in public, and the circumcision ban in Germany. Here’s an excerpt from the article, in which … Continue reading