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Dieudonné and the French state of anti-Semitism

“…I will continue to clown around, whatever happens. I have nothing to lose. I am like a Pygmy in his forest who sees the big trees falling and says, ‘Let’s go, let’s go!’ The French Revolution is my tradition. It’s a mind-set of the French, that you need a revolution. I am deeply French.” Continue reading

Confronting Growing Intolerance in Europe: A Debate
Anti-Semitism / Islamophobia / Racism

Confronting Growing Intolerance in Europe: A Debate

An interesting debate is taking place over at openDemocracy. It started with a post by Benjamin Ward, the director of the Europe and Central Asia division at Human Rights Watch. Ward documents what is discomforting for many to admit: “hatred and intolerance are moving into the mainstream in Europe.” There’s no doubt that Ward has a … Continue reading